Missouri Enduro Series

The Missouri Enduro Series brings all of the components a racer expects.   From never-before-seen raw cuts and challenging lines to shredding down your favorite gravity fed trails, a new-for-this-year team village and a weekend atmosphere that couples music, friends, the outdoors and the bike, we know you will not want to miss a single MES this coming spring.   

When you hear gravity fed gnar trails in MO many people pause.   Once you experience an MES, you will begin to see how special Missouri is for riding these trails.  MES volunteers take the time to look at your daily trail and find unique ways to make it be even better for enduro style riding.   The volunteers also have the ability to put in brand new raw cuts to keep even the seasoned local on their toes.   Missouri trails are constantly engaging with rocks, cliff bands, roots, steeps, and varying dirt.   Don’t believe us?   Just come to the first race.   

MES is welcoming for ALL ABILITIES.   We want beginners and folks new to enduro to experience the love and comradery we all share for this sport.   All MES events will have A/B lines (or go arounds).  There is NEVER mandatory air to complete a stage.   Finally, one thing that is so important to remember for enduro….its about completing the adventure.   Its ok to walk sections and take your time.   Enduro is about experiencing back country trails in as much a natural state as possible.    On practice days’ work with your friends and others to get through a section.  This is all a part of the sport.    To finish, you and your bike need to complete a multi stage event.   Strategy of how a rider takes a stage is as important as how fast they try to ride it.  If you are new, please do not hesitate to ask questions.   Whether on the FB pages or directly to MES or others at an event or on the trail.

MES Races:

What about non racers?   We cannot wait to see you, your family and friends at the races.   There are so many easily accessible viewing spots to see a racer compete.   In addition, each location will have a “heckler zone”.  These form naturally and just simply ask around the team village where people think it will be located for a given race.    For spectators we ask that you have good hiking boots.  Please leave your bikes at the car and walk into the locations.   We also ask that you leave your furry friends at home as pets can be a hazard to racers.   Please stay behind the tape for your and the riders safety and finally, please take a lot of video/photos and tag Missouri Enduro Series.

These events will happen rain or shine. If we have to adjust courses and stages based on safety and trail conditions we will.

….Go Fast, Stay Fast….

Thank you and remember to RideMOenduro

–The MES