Missouri Enduro Series

Loki Events is excited to bring the Missouri Enduro Series to grass roots enduro racing in  the mid west In Missouri for 2021.

Gaining in popularity on a global scale, Enduro combines the thrill of fast, downhill timed  stages while challenging rider endurance and stamina with long days pedalling uphill on  transition stages.

This year’s series will encompass 4 unique races that will test riders form entry level to the  pros.

– Go Fast, Stay Fast 

MES Schedule 2021

28th March – The Chubb Enduro, Eureka MO

2ndMay    – Shepherd Mountain Enduro, Ironton  MO (run by Big MountainEnduro)

6th  June  – Greensfielder Enduro, Wildwood MO

27th June– White River Enduro, Branson  MO